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Under the Sea and Deep Ocean Themed Birthday Party Ideas Pakistan

Posted on: April 22, 2014

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Under the Sea … What a fantastic first birthday party! we Tulips Birthday Experts especially love the sweet cake, sea sugar cookies and the cute decoration. we also love all of the cute hanging decorations elements such as the fish, craps, star fish, ariel and jelly fish. This party has so many ideas that would work great for not only an Under the Sea party, but a Mermaid party as well.

The favorite Under the Sea party ideas and elements from this adorable first birthday celebration are:

  • The cute jelly fish decorations
  • The exciting and creative sea ambiance
  • The beautiful table settings and centerpieces
  • The cute Under the Sea sugar cookies
  • The perfect sand made elements
  • The beautiful Under the Sea cake
  • The fun kids tables
  • The Ultimate sweet colors, blue, navy blue, pink, yellow and white.
  • and MORE!

If you little one loves all things under the sea and ocean, throw him or her an under-the-sea and ocean birthday party celebration with our Ocean Party decoration services and ideas. Starts from themed party invitations to party favors, we have all the theme bases covered so your party goes swimmingly awesome!

Ocean Themed Birthday Party

After putting together all the thematic birthday planner, decorations and supplies for this Ocean Party birthday theme, your indoor or outdoor setting will be transformed into an underwater bastion ambiance for your child and his or her friends to explore the best in town. All the cute charms of an underwater world are present and make the first part of first birthday party preparation, the impression, an easy task to accomplish with the help of Tulips Birthday Experts.

Themed Birthday Party Supplies

The best tableware in this theme is truly remarkable because it features so many different aquatic creatures. The cake plates feature a sea turtle and an ocean motif, the beverage napkins have a great white shark, the cups have an octopus, and the list goes on. The children will be entertained just by the designs of all these essential table supplies. All these items are available for individual purchase to suit your specific party needs or you can choose from three pre-made kits that offer you the convenience of a bundled deal. Each one serves up to eight guests and features varying extra items like streamers, balloons, candles, hats, and much more.

One of our most impressive collections of supplies in this theme are the party favors. Your child’s guests can receive shark gummies, blowfish squirt toys, fish straws and several other themed items. You’ll have a ton of fun picking out the best items for the party. And to make this offer even more attractive, we also have a page where you can create personalized items for the party. Your child will love seeing his or her name on a birthday banner.


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