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How to Throw a Tangled Rapunzel Party in Lahore Pakistan

Posted on: September 19, 2013

Plan Rapunzel-Tangled-Birthday-Party-Planning-Ideas-Tulips Event in Lahore Pakistan.

Plan Rapunzel-Tangled-Birthday-Party-Planning-Ideas-Tulips Event in Lahore Pakistan.

“Funny thing about birthday’s, they come once a year!” Throw your daughter a Rapunzel or Tangled party that is going to be a hair-raising experience in your home, halls in lahore and almost all over Pakistan. Get your daughter out of the tower for a day and show her the world, just like Tulips thematic Birthday Planners did with Rapunzel birthday party decoration. You can give your daughter and all of her friends plenty of party favors for this party such as tiaras, headbands to hold in that long hair, hair brush and mirror combinations, a wand, hair bands, and many more. Make sure your daughter and her friends come to rescue her from being locked up alone in the tower by sending out the personalized enchanted tower invitations that feature a large tower and even longer hair.

Tulips Event Provide you following best services for Rapunzel + Tangled Thematic World:

One of the best things about Disney’s movie Tangled is that it appeals to both girls and boys. That makes it a great theme when you’re hosting a co-ed birthday party.

When your daughter sees the decorations at our party, she’s going to be as happy as Rapunzel was when she first left her tower. Make sure you put up several streamers, cutouts, green jungle environment, curling ribbons, lanterns and more! You could even purchase all of these items in the prepackaged Tangled Party Decoration Kit from our birthday party supplies department.

Top 10 Tips for Planning your Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Party:

1. Start searching for ideas online a month (or more) in advance.  Or, just watch the movie 1,000 times or simply visit to get bests results.
2. Save your ideas in you note pad.

3. Make to do lists to plan out your month.

4. Make a list of who you will invite.

5. Send out invites 3-4 weeks ahead of time.

6. Make a schedule of events for the party.

7. Make a shopping list of things you will need.

8. Keep your eyes open for great deals online and in

9. Make the cake the night before the big birthday bash.

10. Get a good night sleep the night before! J

 Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Party Supplies:

Bring the Tangled adventure to your party with our Tangled Party Supplies! Party supplies feature your favorite Tangled characters including Rapunzel and her chamelion friend, Pascal. The Tangled Party Supplies also feature Tangled themed tableware, balloons, cutouts, wood characters, plates, napkins, cups, and party kits. Add our Tangled party favors, decorations, and invitations to Tangled Party Supplies for a blowout Tangled birthday! Mix and match Tangled Party Supplies with our solid color tableware for a custom birthday theme. And more on Tangled themes are balloons decoration, piñata, invitations, party favors, tableware, backdrop, custom banners, goodie bags, give aways.

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