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Go through on the wild side with Jungle Animals Party Decorations and Supplies in Lahore Pakistan. Our Disney Jungle Animals party supplies feature fun animal themes on tableware, themed animal cutouts, animal shape balloons, artificial jungle environment, tree structure, napkins, jungle plates, Disney jungle caps and other many party kits. Add our party decorations and party favors for a truly tropical Jungle Animals birthday in Pakistan.


Gather all the lions, tigers, elephant, monkey and bears in the neighborhood and throw your child a wonderful and amazing birthday party with our Disney Jungle Themed Birthday Party ideas and decoration in Pakistan. We have provided complete party planning, arrangements services and tips as well as jungle-themed decorating services, jumping castle, goodie bags, thematic invitations and food, game, and activity ideas that will ensure your guests have a wildly good time at your baby’s special day!

Disney Jungle Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Go wild with a Jungle party! Choose from one of our many themes which each have all the Jungle birthday party supplies you will need including tableware, invitations and party bags.

We can provide you the following Jungle Themed Birthday Party Decoration and Supplies:



Disney Jungle themed birthday party Party Ideas,

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party?

You may required for the perfect Disney themed Jungle party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may also want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Jungle party:








Disney Jungle Party Invitations

Creative jungle invitations always can help build excitement before a party. Tulips Thematic Birthday Planner will give your absolutely FREE invitations cards for your baby’s next birthday party in Pakistan. If you have time to make your own, here are some ideas to get your started:

  • Cut palm leaves out of green construction paper. Run a glue stick along the outside and sprinkle with green glitter. Write your party details in the center.
  • Fold a sheet of yellow construction paper in half to create a card-style invitation. On the front, Design your invitations to resemble a passport, with “Africa” stamped on the inside.
  • Attach a card-style invitation to a box of animal crackers and hand-deliver to your guests.
  • If you don’t have time to make your own invitations, take a look at our popular personalized jungle invitations, which include your child’s name and all the party details on a background that fits your jungle theme. FREE in all Packages!

Decorating & Food Ideas

Disney Jungle Party Decorations in Pakistan.

  • We’ll give your house a “welcome to the jungle” feel by placing large potted palms or hard board wood styled cutouts.
  • Hang stuffed animals or mosquito netting from the ceiling or at the entrance door.
  • Cut out construction paper paw prints and tape them going up a wall or to the front door.
  • Decorate with stuffed jungle animals or other types of wild animal figures. Or, set up a stuffed animal petting zoo.
  • Play animal sounds for background music or show an animal-based movie (such as episodes of Animal Planet) on mute on the TV.
  • Drape green streamers from the walls and ceiling to artificial, fake leafs ambiance.

Disney Jungle Party Favor Ideas

Send your guests home feeling like kings and queens of the forest with fun jungle party favors such as:

Finds more about Safari themed birthday party, Birthday Party Ideas | See more information about safari birthday, safari party and jungle safari in Lahore Pakistan.

Still needs that how to plan Disney Jungle Themed Birthday Party Theme for your baby’s next birthday in Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and almost all over Pakistan ?

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With Tulips Party Planning Experts looking for sweet 16th birthday ideas to help plan an amazing and memorable sweet sixteen party for your children? There are lots of great and fantastic ideas for sweet sixteen themed parties. With our themed party decoration ideas for Super Sweet 16,” you may think you need to plan an themed, colorful, high end affair for your kids teen’s birthday. However, the reality in Pakistan is that most teens just want a sweet 16 party that includes their friends and makes them feel special on different venue / locations such as, Hotels, Parks, Home Lawns or Hall etc.

Sweet 16th Birthday Party Supplies, Decorations & Themes

Like it or not, here come the mid-teens! Make your daughter’s 16th birthday a day to be remembered with our themed items such as stableware, decorations, cutouts, favors, and other best sweet 16 party supplies in all over Pakistan. Tulips will perfectly help you that How to Plan Sweet 16 Themed Birthday Party in Pakistan. Our 16th birthday themed gifts and favors remind everyone of the value of fun, family, and friendship, and good times spent with those who care. So start your sweet 16 planning at Tulips Event / Party Experts, where the birthday themes are always affordable and fun!


In Pakistan perfect and great birthday always deserves a beautiful presentation. Our selection of latest cutouts and foil Sweet 16 Birthday Balloons features that shimmering shades of black, purple, blue and pink with a “Sweet 16” message on that. These spangled and polka-dotted balloons and ribbons give the birthday girl a display as vibrant as her personality. Top Mix and match Sweet 16 Birthday Balloons with our coordinating balloon accessories, solid color tableware and other Sweet 16 Party Supplies for a birthday party that’s as special as this exciting age.

 We can provide you following services for your next sweet 16th themed party in Pakistan:


sweet-16-girl-birthday-party-decoration-planner-lahore 15

Sweet 16 Themed Birthday Party in Pakistan.






Sweet 16 Themed Party Ideas: Top Best Sweet 16 Themes

Still needs that how to plan Sweet 16 Birthday Theme for your baby’s next birthday in Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and almost all over Pakistan ?
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Planning a Themed Shake It Up Party

Make it a Party to Remember!

If your daughter loves to dance, so it was no surprise to me when she wanted to have a “Shake it Up” party in Pakistan. You didn’t really like the decor they had, it was too graffiti like. That’s why Tulips Birthday Experts Planner will help you to creative a perfect shake it up birthday party ambiance with respect to decoration and entertainment, which you didn’t think was appropriate for a little girl… Sooo, we made the decorations and arranging them at your home. Tulips will make that her had the best time!

Shake it up party decoration ideas in Pakistan

There are many different Shake It Up Birthday party ideas to be on your baby’s special day which can spotlight a parent’s creativity. The decorating, food choices and activities can all follow the central dance theme. So Tulips Birthday experts applying a perfect planning and thought, a Shake It Up themed party can be a memorable experience for years to come.

Tulips Will Provide you the Best Shake it up Birthday party Theme Ideas & Supplies

Shake It Up Themed Party Planner Pakistan 05

Shake It Up Themed Party Planner Pakistan 18

Shake It Up Themed Party Planner Pakistan 16

Shake It Up Themed Party Planner Pakistan 14

Shake It Up Themed Party Planner Pakistan 11

Shake It Up Themed Party Planner Pakistan 10

Shake It Up Themed Party Planner Pakistan 09

Shake It Up Themed Party Planner Pakistan 07

Shake It Up Party Supplies

Tulips will make you to throw a kickin’ dance party with these snappy Shake It Up Birthday Party decoration and Supplies in all over Pakistan, and enjoy hassle-free shopping and order to our trusted representative. Use Party Backdrops, Cut outs, center pieces, color balloons, Tissue Decorations and Foil Balloons to turn your party room into a Shake It Up Set. Have plenty of inflated latex balloons on the floor for your dancers to kick around, and hang tons of long curling ribbon streamers from the ceiling to create your own rockin’ dance floor. You don’t have to do a song and dance to get great deals on Shake It Up Birthday Party Planner in Lahore Pakistan.

Shake It Up Party Supplies and Party Planning Tips

Exciting news for Disney’s Shake It Up fans — Shake It Up Party Supplies in Pakistan are here!! Plan an awesome dance party with Shake It Up Party Supplies at Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and almost all over Pakistan. We have a great line to choose from including  tableware, decorations, and more. Perfect for the dance fans in your life! We carry all of the Shake it Up Party Supplies and cool party favors. Invite your guests with Shake It Up invitations and thank them with Shake it Up Party favor bags.


Still needs that how to plan Shake it up Birthday Theme for your baby’s next birthday in Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and almost all over Pakistan ?

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Celebrate a Grand Hawaiian with Luau Themed Birthday Party Supplies & Luau Decorations with Tulips

A great luau party is all about good green jungle and safari environment with food, relaxing luau music, and themed luau party decoration, Hawaiian balloons, games and Hawaiian activities to be shared with family and friends at Lahore, Islamabad, and Sialkot almost all over Pakistan. If you’re hosting a small indoor luau party at your garden in the hot summer season or a big backyard summer luau birthday event, Tulips will gives you the complete Hawaiian themed birthday party ideas and planning of luau party supplies and luau decorations to help you create an exotic and affordable tropical ambiance.

The Great Luau Hawaiian Themed Party Planner in Pakistan.

The Great Luau Hawaiian Themed Party Planner in Pakistan.

We can set the party in motion with our custom luau Free invitations. Deck the party setting with our, fairy lights, water pools, artificial leafs and safari Hawaii environment, floral paper lanterns, hanging luau decorations, the cutouts and shapes, sweet slippers, tropical fish balloons, and colorful luau table decorations with frill and streamers.

Welcome your guests with colorful and durable tropical flower bracelets or chains and fabric hibiscus leis, natural and synthetic hula skirts for kids and adults, and portable beach-themed water slide straw hats and novelty cute sunglasses. Setting with the long the limbo and bamboo poles, and the funny games begin in the Hawaiian themed environment water pool.

Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party Decoration Ideas Pakistan 06


Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party Decoration Ideas Pakistan 14

Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party Decoration Ideas Pakistan 19

Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party Decoration Ideas Pakistan 20

Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party Decoration Ideas Pakistan 28

Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party Decoration Ideas Pakistan 29

Hawaiian Themed Birthday Party Decoration Ideas Pakistan 33

So launch your best summer Hawaiian luau party at Lahore Pakistan and hire Tulips Birthday Experts online or call the presenter at your door, where you’ll find the complete fun and excitement at your event and plan The Great Luau Hawaiian Themed Party Planner in Pakistan.

Still needs that how to plan Luau Hawaiian Birthday Theme for your baby’s next birthday in Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and almost all over Pakistan ?

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Hope that your child might in love with sweet unicorns, fantasy, and fairy tales in his/her sweet dreams? Then plan an enchanted birthday party for your sweet child that will be memorable all the time. Tulips Birthday Experts will provide you the best Unicorn Themed Party Ideas, planning and arrangements all over Pakistan. You can get general party planning tips as well as great unicorn-themed decorating, food, game, and activity suggestions and services at one stop.

Enchanted Unicorn Party Decoration

Our Enchanted Unicorn Party Decoration & Themed Supplies will make your imaginative plans will feel like they’re partying in a enchanted mystical forest out of the world. When our team decorate with these adorable supplies such as Banners, Streamers, Cutouts, Napkins, Backdrops, Cups, Plates and Piñatas. With the real color of the theme like Pink, Purple, White, Green that make your baby girl’s next birthday so beautiful and so special.

unicorn-rainbow-themed-birthday-party-decoration-Pakistan-02 unicorn-rainbow-themed-birthday-party-decoration-Pakistan-09 unicorn-rainbow-themed-birthday-party-decoration-Pakistan-10 unicorn-rainbow-themed-birthday-party-decoration-Pakistan-13 unicorn-rainbow-themed-birthday-party-decoration-Pakistan-14 unicorn-rainbow-themed-birthday-party-decoration-Pakistan-03

In Pakistan every little sweet and cute baby girl wants her birthday is for it to be the completely the best and memorable day of her entire life, and you’ll be able to do no wrong in her eyes, when you host her birthday party using our thematic arrangements services for Enchanted Unicorn Themed Party.

Going through our Unicorn party ideas and incorporate the best birthday party ideas into your party in Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and almost all over Pakistan. Create your own party plan and remember to include invitations, decorations, games, activities, party food, beverages, party cake, party snacks, and gift / goodie bags.

The Unicorn party is so popular themed party that we have started to our entire section with best Unicorn birthday party ideas.


Unicorn Party Decorations

We’re always dedicated to finding the cutest, most magical unicorn theme party decorations for your child’s (or young at heart adult’s!) birthday celebration. Balloons decoration, themed invitations, candy and cake molds, plates and cups and more at one stop party solution to our team.

Decoration Ideas

  • Choose the soft colors like purple, pale green, pink and white for the basic decorations.
  • Hang colored streamers from tree branches in the garden or yard. They will float in the breeze and add to the magical fairy atmosphere.
  • Make a banner that says “Welcome to (your child’s name) Enchanted Party” and hang it near the party entrance.
  • Lay a cardboard drawbridge for the children to cross at the party entrance.
  • Make the cutouts of the sweet horse with magical cap on head.
  • Have fairy white and pink wings and a wand for each guest as they arrive.
  • Turn on a bubble making machine to add to the fairy mood.
  • You can also add some artificial smoke / foggy machine to make magical environment.
  • Use small fairy white and pink lights on the roof of tree, hall or the canopy.
  • Spread flowers, crystal stars and glitter along the center of the main table.
  • Make cardboard stars, cover in aluminum foil, and hang them from the ceiling.

Fairy Unicorn Party Food Ideas

when it comes to food, party goers are usually perfectly content to eat pizza or crispy burgers, which is certainly much easier on the hosts! However, if you have the time and would like to serve up some enchanted and magical treats, consider these ideas:

  • Prepare jam sandwiches and cut with a star-shaped cutter.
  • Serve vegetable dip in a hollowed out purple cabbage.
  • Serve cut up fruit in clear plastic goblets.
  • Use Transparent Jars ( Get Free from our Decor team) for pink candies, colorful lollypops and muffins.
  • Also use transparent plastic bottles with red, green, blue and pink juice or artificial beverages.
  • Rainbow shaped biscuits and cupcakes.
  • Rainbow shaped r horse shaped cake titles.

Still needs that how to plan Enchanted Unicorn Party Theme for your baby’s next birthday in Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and almost all over Pakistan ?

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The Glorious and pretty party theme is Sweet Candy Shoppe Birthday party Theme, you’ll love to make your child’s birthday the sweetest day of the year with a Sweet Candy Shoppe party. Our expert’s birthday theme designer team and easy-to-follow booking procedure in Pakistan and outline everything you need to know about normalize costs on party invitations, balloons decorations, supplies, food and favors in Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Sialkot and almost all over Pakistan. We even have free printable accessories and activities for all our birthday party packages that will entertain your party guests for hours and left great memories for time.

Lollipop Candy land Sweet Shoppe Party Ideas Pakistan 02

Lollipop Candy land Sweet Shoppe Party Ideas Pakistan 06

Lollipop Candy land Sweet Shoppe Party Ideas Pakistan 08

Lollipop Candyland Sweet Shoppe Party Ideas Pakistan 09

Lollipop Candyland Sweet Shoppe Party Ideas Pakistan 16

Lollipop Candyland Sweet Shoppe Party Ideas Pakistan 19

Lollipop Candyland Sweet Shoppe Party Ideas Pakistan 37)

Lollipop Candyland Sweet Shoppe Party Ideas Pakistan 44

We can provide you the following Lollipop Candy land Sweet Shoppe Themed Party Arrangements:


One of the best decisions you made when planning the party from Tulips Birthday Experts was to realize it would be near impossible (and very stressful) to be trying to manage and arrange the party decor and host it at the same time. In fact, one of our goals when planning candy Shoppe themed party was to get at least one gorgeous bunch of Grace (ideally holding a lollipop on the tree).

The Sweet Candy Shoppe themed birthday party decoration put together for your daughter’s birthday in Hall or open place in Pakistan.

Sweet Candy Shoppe Party Decoration Ideas

we can create a vibrant and tremendous atmosphere for your Sweet Candy Shoppe party with decorations inspired by candy colors, patterns and labels in all over Pakistan.

  • Use a rainbow assortment of solid colored candy cutouts, cutlery and crockery, colorful balloons and streamers to decorate the party table.
  • Use construction paper to create candy shapes to use as wall decorations and tables borders.
  • Design the whole Line the walkway to the party with fake lollipops big cutouts. Create your own by taping a colored paper plate to a wooden dowel.
  • Make or hire the photo booth with Sweet Candy Shoppe themed design structure.
  • Instead of using bowls, fill glass jars or vases with colorful candies such as jelly beans, M&Ms, hard candy and butter creams.
  • Create a flex banner that reads “Sweet Candy Shoppe” Use long craft paper, markers and ice cream, lolly pop and Candy stickers.

Sweet Candy Shoppe Party Food Ideas

Kids always need to eat more than candy, Lolly pops and ice cream at your party! Here are some creative ways to save money on party food in all over Pakistan.

  • Serve a variety of sandwiches and cut them into quarters. Peanut butter and jelly and grilled cheese with some colored flavors make great finger sandwiches for children.
  • Tulips creative team will decorate pre-frosted cupcakes with M&Ms, jelly beans and other colorful candy.
  • Make sweet rainbow styled biscuits and cupcakes.

Tulips creative team will help you to show off your candy colors, mix and match margarita and pink lady glasses, flared bowls and trifle containers with sweet candies and lolly pops, mini bowls, popcorn boxes and pretty little organza bags. See our event pictures at the gallery with Pink, yellow & Orange Candy tree Ideas for details on this Candy Shoppe themed table design.

Still needs that how to plan Sweet Candy Shoppe Birthday Theme for your baby’s next birthday in Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and almost all over Pakistan ?

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Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Planner in Pakistan

Why Strawberry Shortcake Theme ?

Throw your daughter a “berry special” themed birthday using our best thematic birthday planner services of Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party in Pakistan. You can be make perfect birthday planning and decoration with our best themed party supplies, your daughter’s party is going to be delicious and memorable. We Tulips Birthday Experts will provide you best items such as themed cutouts, party banners, table arrangements, balloons, goodie bags, pinata, napkins, cups, and plates that all feature the loveable, pink, shocking pink, baby pink, plum color scheme of the theme and happy Strawberry Shortcake friends and family on cake table environment.

 If you really want to turn your house into Strawberry-land, you must call our team for the completely free consultancy on your baby’s next first birthday in you home. We can provide you FREE personalized invitations in the theme to get everyone into your garden for fun and games and much more fun.

Strawberry Shortcake sure knows how to have fun, so make sure your daughter and her friends have fun by purchasing decorations like the Strawberry Pinata that is filled with three pounds of small candies perfect for a girlish celebration. we can also give you confetti machines that is shaped like both Strawberry Shortcake theme party at your home. You will throw the best party Strawberry Shortcake themed party decoration has ever seen with these items.

“Your daughter’s birthday is going to be an perfect and memorable time when you hire is for Strawberry Shortcake party supplies and decoration. Make the day a “berry” good time with this fun and creative theme.”

Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday planner ideas in Pakistan-06 Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday planner ideas in Pakistan-17 Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday planner ideas in Pakistan-27 Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday planner ideas in Pakistan-29 Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday planner ideas in Pakistan-35

Strawberry Shortcake Party ideas

Make your birthday funny even sweeter! Strawberry Shortcake birthday Party Supplies and decoration feature the adorable Miss Shortcake on pink and red tableware, plates, napkins, banner, cutouts, balloons and more. Start with our birthday party affordable packages, or add your own party with you custom services like balloons, favors, decorations, and invitations to cheap and economical Strawberry Shortcake Party Supplies for a custom birthday theme.

Tulips Thematic Birthday Planner Team will provides you:

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party Supplies

Take a trip to our website and portfolio of Strawberryland – Strawberry Shortcake theme pictures; invite you best buddies the sweet little gang for a day of birthday fun with Strawberry Shortcake and friends! Strawberry Shortcake Party themed ideas on decoration and supplies feature your little cute girl with big possibilities on dinner, hi-tea and themed dessert plates, Strawberry Shortcake cups and plates, table cover, and napkins. Rounding out the matching theme party favors, balloons decorations, Strawberry Shortcake costumes, and more. Our affordable Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party packages are an ideal starting point for all moms and dads in Pakistan. They come with everything you need for 8 or 16 guests or more, and we offer you themed tableware, cutout and hanging decorations, table decorations, balloons, other must-have party supplies.

Looking to sweeten the recipe of Strawberry Shortcake party ideas? Other favorite supplies that add “Strawberry flavor” are our best and special themed birthday cake toppers and cake pans, cupcake cups, cupcake stands, candy bar, chocolate var with sweeet dippped Strawberries and other great party accents to keep your birthday in theme. So start your birthday booking with Strawberry Shortcake Party decoration and Supplies and make this birthday a sweet treat for everyone to enjoy!

We can Provide you all:

  • Party Kits
  • Tableware
  • Invitations
  • Favors
  • Games & Activities
  • Cake & Cupcake Supplies
  • Custom Banners
  • Decorations
  • Balloons
  • Pinatas
  • Costumes & Accessories

Celebrate your child’s special day with thematic birthday planner and our Strawberry Shortcake Party Theme Supplies in Pakistan. Take advantage of our FREE Themed Birthday party invitation cards offer when you order the our any of birthday packages / amount of Strawberry Shortcake Party decoration and Supplies. All the Mix and match some of our Solid Color, polka dotted balloons, pink, red, green, decoration ribbons, banners, table cover, napkins and the complete Party Supplies in all over Lahore, Punjab and almost the Pakistan, with these sweet and beautiful supplies to make your party look super and marvelous.

Still needs that how to plan Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Theme for your baby’s next birthday in Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and almost all over Pakistan ?

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